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I'M SORRY BUT I HAVE NO TIME TO UPDATE THIS PAGE!!! I WISH I COULD BUT I CAN'T!!! NO INTERNET TIME!! AHHH!!! Hello!!! And welcome to my little crappy page on the wonderful band of Weeping Tile. My name is Jillian, I'm 16, I live in Newfoundland, I can't spell, and I love Kool-Aid. I think my life centers around music too much but is that bad??? no. My favourite bands are Weeping Tile, Great Big Sea, Live, The Cure, Liz Phair, and Bucket Truck. I enjoy playing tennis, rollerblading and I try to skateboard but I suck so I don't do that often. I wanna pick up snowboarding. Fun. I watch too much MuchMusic. I've been in love with Weeping Tile since August '97 when I saw them perform at the Great Big Picnic in St. John's. I met them and got autographs but little did I know that they would become one of my favourite bands. And it looks like they will never come back to Newfoundland :( In the future (10-15 years), you can look for me working at MuchMusic in the background with the crew, wearing my Weeping Tile t-shirt and necklace :-) ha. I *really* wanna work there. e-mail them to get 'em to play some WT. So, go, enjoy my page...and if you haven't heard of Weeping Tile, now you have!!! Go check 'em out. Buy the Eepee, Cold Snap, or Valentino, also there is a song on the Woman and Songs cd, but buy a Weeping Tile cd!!! Sarah can be found singing on the Skydigger's new album and she's in the video 'Dear Henry' which is awesome. E-mail them at wtile@ican.net and you can e-mail me at g.fry@nf.sympatico.ca and sign the guestbook, k?? I know some of the links don't work anymore...but I have no time to fool around with them. I would have a wicked WT page if I had the internet time...really...

more people now know about Weeping Tile since February 28th 1998. Long live Weeping Tile.

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ok...I know there is nothing in this..I have the transcripts wrote up, and they are on paper sitting by me right now. But I don't have the internet time to write them up!!! Someday...
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